The importance of golf fitness is overlooked far too often. The goal of the golf swing is to produce an effective outcome dependent upon the golfer’s ability to perform a coordinated movement of multiple body parts, in multiple directions, all at the same time. Golfers of all ages and levels, for the most part and in many cases are not physically prepared for this activity resulting in an inefficient golf swing, poor performance, and an increased risk of both acute and chronic injury.

To address this, we have established an innovative golf fitness program called Get Golf Fit, and is available to golfers of all ages and skill levels. You will work with Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Fitness Instructors Kevin Martin and Dave LeVeque to assess your physical capabilities and create a personalized exercise regimen that will allow you to improve your golf-specific muscular strength, flexibility, balance, speed, and power. By taking part, your body will be able to swing the golf club more efficiently and effectively, improving ball contact, distance, and playing performance and satisfaction. You’ll also reduce/eliminate the triggers that lead up to both acute and chronic injury. You will play better golf, and feel great about it too! Learn more here!


Contact the Rick Murphy Golf Academy for more information at (336)605-0052.