"Get The Most Out of Your Game" with our Professional Club Fitting Process

Our in-depth process starts on the practice tee and ends with you shooting lower scores. Custom club fitting is a process that matches a set of golf clubs to your unique swing. Your swing measurements include things like shaft length, flex, loft and lie, grip size, swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, launch angle and more. Your height, grip, angle of attack and other elements are also considered when fitting a set from top-to-bottom, and our club fitters are trained to assess these factors. Then we will recommend the perfect fit for you.

Fitting Packages:

Driver and/or Fairway Metals Fitting: One Hour process. - $100

Iron Fitting: One Hour Process - $100

Driver and/or Fairway Metals & Irons Fitting: 1.5 Hour Process - $150

Putter Fitting: length, lie, loft, weight and putter head type determined. 45-minute process - $80

Wedge Fitting: Determine your lofts, bounce and gapping. 45-minute process - $80

Full Bag Fitting: Two Hour Process - $175


Ready to “Get the Most Out of Your Game? Here’s how!

Step 1: Schedule Your Fitting – Call us or stop by to schedule your personal fitting. Call (336) 342-1113.

Step 2: Bring your current clubs with you and arrive 15 minutes prior to your schedule time to warm-up.

Step 3: Meet Your Fitter. You will fill out a form to give us information about your personal golf history.

Step 4: Fitting Process. Upon completion of the fitting process you will have your personal specifications.

Step 5: You will hit various manufactures clubs built to your specifications and you will make a selection.

Step 6: At this point you have all of the information you need to make a decision and purchase.

Process Complete: At this point, you will be on your way to Getting the Most Out of Your Game!