GEARS 3DX Performance Screening & Risk Assessment


What Is It?

Gain insight into your performance level and where you’re at risk for injury using our smart data-driven performance screen.

Gears3DX performance screens give a deep, detailed breakdown of performance metrics and injury risks that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye, and even high speed 2D cameras.

With a crystal-clear, 3D rendering of the player, we identify performance potential and injury risk to help you develop the strongest and healthiest athletes.

How it Works

We attach small retroreflective to our clothing or skin and go through a research-based Gears movement screen comprised of various skills that test balance, symmetry, power, speed, and control. The Gears3DX intelligence runs a deep analysis on each movement, providing the athlete with a detailed performance report identifying their capabilities and unique movement signature. You will use this information to customize your workout/exercise plan to achieve peak performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Human movement is quick and precise. The difference of one degree or one inch is the difference between success and failure. Our sub-mm accuracy ensures that every aspect of your movement is detected.