Why Is Gears Biomechanics the Best Motion Capture Tool for Golf?

Gears is a golf motion analysis and body tracking system used by PGA Teaching Professionals and Coaches, club fitters, and club manufacturers to measure and analyze every nuance of a swing. Experience your golf swing in slow motion capture, displayed in glorious 3D, from address to follow-through.

Built on the same technology used by biomechanists and filmmakers, Gears is the most advanced motion capture solution in the world developed specifically for golf. Break down your golf swing step by step and discover the hidden biomechanics that are making or breaking your performance.

GEARS 3D Motion Capture is the most sophisticated technology in golf that takes specific and incredibly accurate measurements of a golfer’s swing and body position during the swing. It analyzes every swing nuance in full 3D, from address to follow-through -- at 600 images per swing, in less than one second.

In one session with GEARS you will find the key elements to unlock your potential for enhanced movement of your body and club. This will set you on your pathway to improved ball striking and more enjoyment of the game. From the weekend golfer to the high school player, college player or a PGA Tour or LPGA Tour player, it will help every level of player understand your swing and what will work for you.


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