Rick Murphy Golf

About Rick Muprhy Golf

Our team at Rick Murphy Golf at The Greensboro National Golf Club Performance Center have been helping improve the games of thousands of golfers at any skill level for over 35 years. Rick Murphy Golf is the most recognized name and place to go in the Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem, NC area for people wanting to learn to play golf or those that want to continue to improve. Rick Murphy Golf and Greensboro National have students and clients that reach all over the Southeastern United States. Rick Murphy and his staff work with golfers of all skill levels.  We help people play better and enjoy the game more! 

Rick is recognized as one of the leading teachers and coaches in the US.    

We are located at the Greensboro National Performance Center at Greensboro National Golf Club – 330 Niblick Drive, Summerfield, NC, which is only 10-15 minutes north of Greensboro.