Golf Fitness by Kinexit

As a coach, developing a student’s ability to hit better and more consistent golf shots is based on an overall understanding of the student’s technique, physical ability, and the equipment in the bag. Each is an essential component when creating the best solution for each of our golfers. No matter your starting point, there is always a solution. All players can improve their abilities regardless of gender, age, or handicap.

For players who have a well-established and repetitively functioning technique, we achieve the fastest improvement by adjusting the equipment to fit both technique, desired ball flight, and the most critical parts of the game.

On the other hand, if parts of the player’s technique slow down or hinder development entirely, we are likely to find the solutions within three critical parts of the body’s primary sources of balance, stability, rotation, and power. We call it the Big 3 areas of the body. The first area is the ankles’ mobility to be able to create balance, pressure, and stability. The other two are rotation of the swing’s hip and shoulder parts, respectively, to generate force during the swing. These are key areas we can focus on improving together with the player.

Just as a launch monitor quickly measures the club head’s speed and position at impact, we use a flexible and functional mobility screening from Kinexit to get a relevant picture of the player’s physical ability. The test automatically generates several individual training programs that have a direct impact on areas leading to improved balance, stability, rotation, and strength. The accuracy of both screening and exercises means it takes no more than 15 minutes of daily exercise because we quickly see positive changes in the golfer’s technique of hitting the golf ball.